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 POKE 53761,​168:​POKE 53765,168 POKE 53761,​168:​POKE 53765,168
 POKE 53760,​254:​POKE 53764,127 POKE 53760,​254:​POKE 53764,127
 +===== 9-Bit Polynomial Conversion =====
 +Bit 7 of AUDCTL turns the 17-bit poly-counter into a 9-bit poly-counter. The shorter the poly-counter,​ the more often its distortion pattern repeats, or the more discernible the pattern in the distortion. Therefore, changing the 17-bit poly counter into a 9-bit poly counter will make the noise pattern more repetitious and more discernible. Try the following demonstration of the 9-bit poly counter option, listening carefully when the POKE is executed:
 +<code text>
 +SOUND 0,​80,​8,​8 ​      Use the 17-bit poly
 +POKE 53768,​128 ​      ​Change to the 9-bit poly
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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