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 ====== Visual Studio ====== ====== Visual Studio ======
-Example ​of post-build or pre-build event command lines:+Examples ​of post-build or pre-build event command lines:
 <code text> <code text>
 xcopy "​$(ProjectDir)..\MyProject\*.*"​ "​$(TargetDir)"​ /Y xcopy "​$(ProjectDir)..\MyProject\*.*"​ "​$(TargetDir)"​ /Y
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 xcopy /Y /S "​$(SolutionDir)SharedFiles\*"​ "​$(TargetDir)"  ​ xcopy /Y /S "​$(SolutionDir)SharedFiles\*"​ "​$(TargetDir)"  ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 Track active item in Solution Explorer: Track active item in Solution Explorer:
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